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Lovecraftian Dreams' Journal

Saturday, November 26, 2005



Glad to know there are other such dreamers hereabouts. Ever since I began reading Lovecraft, his mythos has featured in my dreams about as much as the post-apocalyptic, undead, and gun-ballet dreams I occasionally have (not counting, of course, the typical, unexciting dreams we all have too often).

I must admit my lovecraft dreams tend to run along the lines of a Kuranes or Carter adventure, or rather, a glimpse of such an adventure: mysterious, beautiful, forgotten places; foreboding and becknoning wilderness; ancient structures glinting in the sun--and, most of all--imposing mountains that loom god-like behind me, usually with lights needling at me from the summits, or siren calls to lure/warn me.

I reserve my nashtkamanthah community for the more dreamland-esque dreams, but here may I whisper those dreams that are darker, more terrible, more unspeakable.

Saturday, April 9, 2005

10:29PM - Latest work....

Lately I have been dealing with visions of a future I can't except. Almost to the point where I can depict the scenes of my dreams, with more clarity than those I experiance in waking life. I see a world were we are hunted by a new Inqisistion of Faith. Where the world, is overun by a horde of mindless servants to a warrior Pope calling himself Malchia. I can't shake the feelings that I feel in these visions. I've experiance things like this before but never to this extent.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

11:08PM - New member

Well, I thought I'd take up your invite and join this here community. Sounds quite interesting, I'm currently experimenting with lucid dreaming.
Anyway, I don't have much time tonight, just wanted to say hello, be back soon.

Current mood: busy

Friday, February 11, 2005

11:30PM - Returning to the place I learned to Dream.....

Last night I had the strangest dream. I remember returning to another dream I had dreampt so many years ago when I was still a very young child. I saw as I did when I was still in my infancy, that massive four story school building built within that archaic forest of ash trees. I walked up the concrete path towards the main doors of that place, and passed through the crowds of other dreamers standing waiting for the bell to ring. As I was walking I met another boy whom I remebered from all those years ago, Crow. He was still as he had always been, though older, he still reatained his sharp tongue and hatred for those who looked down on the two of us. As we two walked ever closer to that old place, nearest the trees, I could hear whispers from within the crowd. "Those two again.....", "Wasn't the brown haired one thrown out?", "Why did they allow those two to come back?".

I looked to Crow and he asked me about my life "back home", and I told him I was a senoir in high school and that I was eager to return here, after all I was thrown out. He said the same, but that he had left the school after I had to search for "other things".

Then the bell rang over head and we joined the crowd of dreamers entering that ancient place. I wandered the halls as I always had in the old days, looking from room to room, looking for my class, until at last the floor plan of the building returned to me. The building itself was four levels, each a differant grade of study, each had its own, lockers, class rooms, and cafiteria.

I had just reached the door, when I awoke.